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We love to see you smile! And if you aren’t smiling as much as you should because of concerns about the appearance of your teeth, then we have solutions.

Cosmetic dentistry are procedures done mainly to improve the look of your teeth, but that doesn’t meant they aren’t good for you, too. Many cosmetic procedures do double duty, making you look your best while also protecting your teeth from further damage. Here’s what we offer:


Veneers can transform stained, discoloured, or crooked teeth into a bright smile! Veneers are thin layers of porcelain bonded to your teeth for a smooth and snug finish. The result is an instant improvement in appearance.


Lumineers are super-thin laminates that are applied to the teeth. They can last decades and increase the aesthetic quality of your smile.


Bonding is the process of using composite materials, matched to your teeth, to fill in spaces, reshape teeth, or cover spots that have been chipped or worn. A great choice for minor cosmetic issues, bonding can give you a new look in as little as one visit.

Ceramic Crowns

If you need a crown, but you’re concerned how the finished product will look, then ask Dr. Rozon about ceramic crowns. The most natural-looking type of crown, a ceramic crown will restore your tooth the way you need with the look you want.

Don’t wait a day longer to get the smile you want - ask us today about the cosmetic dentistry option that’s right for you!

Watch videos about what makes a beautiful smile:

The Art and Science of Your Smile A Beautiful Smile The Art and Science of Your Smile The Contours of Your Smile A Beautiful Smile The Contours of Your Smile The Finer Details of Your Smile A Beautiful Smile The Finer Details of Your Smile

Hear some real life experiences:

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Watch videos about Cosmetic Dentistry procedures:

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