Dentistry uses many tools, as anyone who has sat in that reclining chair knows. The array of tools laid out for each regular checkup is only a small portion of what we use on a daily basis. But some of our most important tools aren’t mirrors or picks - they’re the diagnostic tools we use to see beneath the surface of your mouth.

At Hansford & Rozon Family Dental, we invest in top-quality, advanced technology - that’s because in order to offer you the best treatment possible, we first need to diagnose you, as accurately and precisely as possible. The latest advances in diagnostic imagery mean a better experience for you, because they mean more certainty and precision from us.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are tiny cameras that do a big job. These pen-sized cameras are capable of tremendous zoom and image quality, which means we can get an exceptionally detailed look at the tiniest trouble spot. We can also show you the images, so you can fully understand the issue and its recommended fix.

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic x-rays provide an x-ray of the entire mouth, so that the jaws can be viewed in their entirety instead of in pieces put together from traditional x-rays. They are also much faster, better quality, and more comfortable for you - the three things you always want to hear about your new technology!

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays not only use significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays (up to 90% less!), but they’re faster, more accurate, and more convenient. Instead of biting down on tabs, the patient instead just allows a small sensor to take digital images, which are then viewed via computer. Just like any image, the x-ray can then be manipulated to enlarge or zoom, making them much more effective than old x-rays.

Giving you the best care possible doesn’t just mean giving you great service - it also means using the right tools for the job.

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